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South African Sweet and Sour Gefilte Fish Sauce

February 24, 2012

Me to husband: Oooh, “South African Sweet and Sour Gefilte Fish.” Doesn’t that sound good? Should I make that?

Husband: I like plain gefilte.

Me: The gefilte in this recipe is baked with a sauce made with apricot jam, vinegar, onions, ginger, golden raisins . . . .

Husband: I like plain gefilte.

Me: Well, I could make plain gefilte and make the sauce to serve on the side.

Husband: Fine. As long the gefilte is plain.

So, I made the sauce and served it on the side. And, guess what? Huge hit. Husband approved and asked for more (actually slathered on the sauce, which ended up being incredibly good).

The sweet and tangy, with a little burn from the spices, this South African gefilte sauce is a delicious alternative to the usual chrain.  It is kind of a chutney, and I imagine it might be a nice condiment or sauce for other dishes (chicken? meatballs? tofu?).