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Googleberry Pie!

June 22, 2009


Well, not really googleberry pie. Really blueberry lime pie. But I kept hearing that googleberry pie song in my head as I was making it.

Inspired by a recipe for Key Lime pie on the Naysoya Silken Creation box, I added lime juice (2 extra large limes, around 6 Tbl.) and some extra cornstarch (2 Tbl.) to Nasoya Silken Creations vanilla and heated it up in a pot until it was really thick. Then the filling went into a graham cracker crust. After scraping out all the lime pudding filling from the pot into the pie shell, I put 2 pints of blueberries and four spoonfuls of blueberry jam into the still warm pot and mixed them up to make the topping.

Result: the pie was bit sweet because there was a bit too much sugar in the premade filling and premade crust. This would be better with from scratch pudding and a homemade crust. But my husband loved it.

The blueberry topping was just right. The blueberries cooked only slightly and tested fresh and the blueberry jam pulled the berries together and made them taste pie-fillnig-ish.

Not to digress, but I really liked the Silken Creations chocolate flavor better than the vanilla. Vanilla is much harder to pull off in a non-dairy format.