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Spoon Cookies

December 13, 2011

Don’t these make you think a little of teeny sufganiyot, with the jelly oozing out and the powdered sugar on top?

No? They don’t?

Well, never mind, because you will want to make these anyway for Chanukah. They are great make-ahead dairy cookies–the amazing browned butter flavor and the melt-in-you-mouth texture only improve after a couple of days.

The recipe originally comes from Gourmet Magazine, and it has won devoted fans (see the many comments on it at Epicurious). There is a very similar recipe posted on Food Network, where it is also listed by its Finnish name of “Lusikkaleivat.” The main difference between the two recipes are that the Food Network recipe calls for the addition of an egg yolk and for baking powder instead of baking soda. The preparation instruction for the Food Network recipe are also a trifle less fussy and there is a better description (with a video!) for shaping the cookies, which is the hardest part.

I didn’t see the Food Network video until after my cookies were in the oven (sigh–too late. . . .). After getting a trifle frustrated, I resorted to shaping the dough into an even number of balls (you must have an even number because these get sandwiched together). I pressed the balls against the cookie sheet to flatten, and then squeezed them a bit to make them into oval shapes (I was able to shape one cookie with the spoon, and I used that shape as the guide). Other people who made these cookies (judging by the comments on Epicurious) found it easier to eitherĀ  stick with flattened balls or to roll out the dough and cut out tiny circles.

If you go with shaping the dough into round balls, you should be able to get 64 balls that are the size of large marbles, which ultimately yields 32 sandwich cookies.