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Petit Fours and the Perfect Pound Cake

September 16, 2010

Petit fours can be such a pain to make! So I was very intrigued by a Martha Stewart recipe that called for cutting out circles of pound cake and pouring over a mock fondant.


Martha Stewart’s Indian Spiced Yellow Split Pea Soup

May 28, 2009

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I made the Indian Spiced Yellow Split Pea Soup from Martha Stewart’s new cookbook. My husband gave it a B. I thought it was quite nice.

Here is the idea of the recipe: instead of using the usual aromatics (celery, onion, carrots, garlic), you use garlic, scallions, ginger, onion, hot pepper, with some turmeric added in. At the end, you add in some toasted cumin seeds and mustard seeds, lime juice, and some chopped cilantro. The turmeric gives it a lovely color and the flecks of green are a wonderful contrast. I think that the green part of the scallions would be nicer added in when the cilantro is added in. It turns kind of dark and unattractive from cooking the whole time.

Chocolate Cake Smackdown

May 25, 2009


I am always looking for a better and better chocolate cake. According to the late, great Laurie Colwin, everyone is searching for the “one true chocolate cake.”

But, here is the wierd thing. When I compare my new favorite to my old, scaling the recipes so that they make the same amount of batter, I often find that they are more or less the same recipe! Is the chocolate cake search like dating, where you find yourself subconsiously picking the same type over and over?

I just made Zoe’s recipe for Devil’s Food Cake, and there was something so familiar about the taste and texture. So I compared the recipe to my other favorites.