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Swiss Chard, Chickpea and Tamarind Stew

May 2, 2014


This recipe, adapted from Ottolenghi’s Plenty, is very much like the Tunisian ragout of Swiss chard and chickpeas called Morshan. The Swiss chard gets meltingly soft and gets infused, along with the chickpeas, with tangy, hearty flavors that are completely unexpected.  Morshan is heavy on the garlic and coriander. Here, coriander is still dominant, but caramelized onion replaces garlic; caraway and tamarind form an intriguing undertone.

The caraway most surprised me because I associate it with rye bread, but it is a spice used in the Middle East. Ottolenghi calls for caraway in a few of his recipes, including his barley risotto (Jerusalem).



Morshan (Tunisian Chickpeas and Swiss Chard)

January 5, 2011

Seeing a recent post about Ottolenghi’s chickpeas and spinach made me think about Paula Wolfert’s recipe for Morshan (Chickpeas and Swiss Chard in the style Tunisian Sahel) (pp. 127-28 of Mediterranean Cooking). The irony was this: I had the baby spinach to make the Ottolenghi recipe, but I had just cooked the Swiss chard that I bought a day or so ago. But now I wanted to make the Morshan. So, I used the baby spinach instead of the Swiss chard.

And it was delicious. (more…)