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Wordless Wednesday: Too Good For Words Turtle Cheesecake

May 9, 2012

Since you need some words to make this:


Petit Fours and the Perfect Pound Cake

September 16, 2010

Petit fours can be such a pain to make! So I was very intrigued by a Martha Stewart recipe that called for cutting out circles of pound cake and pouring over a mock fondant.


Great Sicilian Pizza from a Toaster Oven

January 21, 2010

This is the first time that I have made pizza that is unquestionably better than what I get from the local pizza place, and it baked in my toaster oven.


Horseradish Grill’s Amazing Chocolate Cake

August 26, 2009


I decided to give another chocolate cake recipe a whirl: Horseradish Grill’s Chocolate Chocolate Layer Cake (The first link is to the I.C.E. curriculum version; see also here for the Nick Malgieri cookbook version. Update: these links do not work, so go here). And yes, it is yet another variation on Hershey’s Black Magic Cake, just like my most recent favorite,  Zoe’s Devil’s Food Cake. (more…)