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Parshat Tazria (and Metzorah)

March 31, 2011

This week’s parsha, Tazria, talks about (among other things) tzara’at (tzaraas), which could afflict a person’s skin, clothing, or even house (discussed in the following parsha, Metzorah) as a result of the afflicted person having spoken loshon hara (gossip) (see here for a nice commentary on Parshat Metzorah about this; also see here).

For this week’s parsha, my original thought was making gingerbread men and a gingerbread house (with color appropriate spots), but my son had enough of cookies and wanted to go back to cake. Also, I just used up the last bit of my opened all-purpose flour. And it is getting awfully close to Passover and I have lots of cleaning to do. And I have these building block candies to use up before Pesach. So, even though tzaraas on houses is really discussed in Parshat Metzorah, not Tazria, I let my kids build a candy house on top of our Shabbos cake. The red and green blocks are the tzaraas afflicted stones.

Our real parsha project was talking about the parsha and loshon hara. After I told my son a story about loshon hara, he wanted to write his own story, which is what we did together.

Here is the story about loshon hara: Yettele’s Feathers and another version of this same tale.