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Mario Batali’s Chilled Tomato and Bread Soup

July 4, 2014


This recipe is ideal for when it is brutally hot and you just don’t feel like cooking. It is so easy: just puree canned (or fresh) tomatoes with day-old bread, salt, pepper and fresh basil. Swirl in a little olive oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes and scallions and you are done. The complex taste belies the simplicity of the preparation–no one will know you didn’t slave over this.

Don’t expect this to be like gazpacho, which I find to be too spicy and raw onion-ey. This is subtle and mild. The fresh basil absolutely makes this dish, so don’t leave it out.


Pizza Soup

January 10, 2011

I have made a tomato soup from One Big Table twice already. It is supposed to be a wholesome clone of Campbell’s tomato soup.

The first time I made the recipe as written (well, more or less). I served it with salad with breaded warm goat cheese rounds (in both One Big Table and the NYT cookbook), mac’n’cheese (for the kids), and the whole wheat muffins.

The other night, I made the soup again, and gave it a pizza spin by adding a little oregano and Parmesan cheese. I served it with cheese toasts. Lacking any sliced bread, I melted cheese onto whole wheat matzah, but I think cheese melted on Italian bread slices would be even better (or, at least, more pizza-ish). (more…)