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Honey Cake, Two Ways (sort of three ways)

September 22, 2011

For years, my go to honey cake was Rochelle Bernhardt’s recipe. Rich, moist, faintly spicy, with hints of orange and deep coffee undertones. Then, I strayed a bit, with the lighter tasting, spongier textured, mildly spiced Ukrainian Honey Cake. I’m giving you both recipes . . . . Your call.


Caramel Spice Apple Cake: Vegan “Honey” Cake

September 15, 2009


I made a traditional honey cake for Rosh Hashana. For a change of pace, I also made a mock honey cake.


Taking my inspiration from Tzipporah Kreizman’s Delights of the Jewish Kitchen, I tried substituting caramel for honey.  The base of my cake was a cross between recipes for a vegan spice cake and  a vegan applesauce cake that are in The Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook by Roberta Leviton. The result was a caramel apple spice cake that tasted uncannily like my usual honey cake.