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Vishniak Uppdate

July 26, 2009


It is nearly two weeks since I first started brewing homemade vishniak. Just to recap, one container has a mixture of pitted cherries, sugar, and vodka. The other container, the Lanie S. recipe, has unpitted cherries and sugar. Lanie S. instructed me to let the mixture ferment for two weeks before adding the vodka. (Note: I added about 1 2/3 cups vodka)

The mixture of cherries and sugar is certainly fermenting. The sugar dissolved and the cherries gave up liquid. As you can see from the above picture, there is about an inch of cherry colored liquid beneath the floating cherries. The liquid is slightly bubbling, like a barely carbonated beverage. There is an overpowering alcoholic aroma coming from the mixture. (more…)

Homemade Sour Cherry Brandy (Visinata or Vishniak)

July 19, 2009


Wikipedia: Vişinată is a Romanian alcoholic beverage made from sour cherries, traditionally homemade.

UrsaBear on Chowhound:  “wishniak or vishniac” is  “the very soul of Eastern European Jewry, my friend, or at the very least its quintessence.”

Warning: Long involved story follows. Bottom line:  I am brewing my own cherry brandy or vishniak (or vishniac or wishniak, or visinata). I am making two batches, one from an online recipe, and one from my mother’s friend who is from Romania. Lanie S. tells me that the batch should be ready by Rosh HaShana and I should serve it with honey cake.

(update: done!)

For Part 2, see here for the fermentation results for July through September
For Part 3, see here for what the finished visinata looks like, both the Lanie S. version and the Homebrew Underground version