Deserted Village, Watchung Mountains, NJ

I know it seems I have deserted this blog, but I am back with a picture of an actual deserted village (here also).

This ghost town had various phases of existence, including that of a mountainside resort. When it became more popular to go to the Jersey shore or other mountain retreats, it was purchased by the local parks commission as part of the Watchung Reservation, which has lots of great walking trails and a nice playground for kids. (Only downside: Bring mosquito repellent and be prepared for ticks by dressing appropriately)

It is not far from a really nice nature musuem which provides trail maps for the park and a walking tour for the deserted village. The houses are only open in October during the Four Centuries Tour.

3 Responses to “Deserted Village, Watchung Mountains, NJ”

  1. Bubbe Says:

    lived not far from this area aver 70 years never heard of it. Would likr to visit it. When in Oct. are the homes open??Bubbe

  2. Lauren Says:

    How gorgeous and sad at the same time. It’s a good thing I’m not a millionaire, because I would just buy whatever abandoned house I happened to see (obviously not the ones owned by the parks commission!). That would be an expensive hobby!

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