Petit Fours and the Perfect Pound Cake

Petit fours can be such a pain to make! So I was very intrigued by a Martha Stewart recipe that called for cutting out circles of pound cake and pouring over a mock fondant.

I didn’t use the Tilly Porter pound cake recipe. Instead, I used a recipe from Nick Malgieri’s The Modern Baker. (an, ooh, it looks like Nick has a new book out!)

Nick’s Aunt’s recipe for pound cake is really stupendous. And I made it with Earth Balance instead of butter (I left out the salt from the recipe because the Earth Balance is quite salty). The crumb is tight and even. Slices of the freshly baked loaf were moist and supple. Really wonderful, and perfect for cutting into little rounds.

I still hate glazing with poured fondant, but I have a new favorite pareve yellow cake.

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